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Who we do it for

Everyone has different challenges so if yours isn’t listed here that’s ok, talk to us to see how we can help you with your goals

Our services are geared towards solving financial challenges. Therefore we don’t cater to a particular person or client, rather, we help with particular financial challenges to be overcome.

The following are some of the main challenges our Financial Managers help clients overcome.

Living life has its price

Life has been really good to me. I think I’ve handled my money well but I want to get into the property market and I can’t seem to save fast enough.

Tired of budgeting

I love what I do but I don’t seem to get ahead financially. I made the mistake of relying on credit cards for several years and I find it almost impossible to get out of it.

Work-Life Balance

I work in a high pressure job and my time is really important to me.

Spending 45 minutes on hold to find out why my water was billed incorrectly is not something I want to do.

Growing business

I have been trying to grow my business but managing my cashflow is getting in the way.

My accountant tells me to put away my GST and PAYG holding contributions, but I almost always fall behind.

Credit Card Debt

Since we have had kids, our expenses have increased, and our income has decreased. We have gone from having a credit card to make life easier to having to get a new card every time our limit has been reached.


We're looking to retire in the next five years. We have planned well with investments and superannuation, but we need to start thinking about decreasing our expenses as our incomes will drop once we stop working.

Monthly income but weekly expenses / FIFO

I get paid monthly (or fortnightly) and my income just doesn’t seem to stretch out to what I need. I have plans and goals I want to reach but I never seem to have the time to work out how to get there.


I have a good job, but since my partner and I have separated, we are no longer sharing expenses and my financial situation has become more difficult to manage.

Investment Management

I've settled another investment property today. I lose count of the number of bills I get now and I experience challenges in dealing with the different rental agencies. I dread having to compile everything for tax time.