We’ve partnered with Bill Butler to get you finance ready

Bill Butler understands the frustration felt when you are not in the position to get the finance you want or need.

Bill Butler helps solve financial challenges like:

  • You have payment (Servicing) history issues with missed or late payments stopping your application
  • You are struggling to build a deposit
  • There is credit file issues, such as defaults.
  • Too much debt is limiting your options.
  • You rely on credit to meet everyday expenses
  • Your Broker is unable to demonstrate a financial benefit.

Bill Butler’s service is designed to step in and achieve outcomes that suit you and your goals.

The best part is that you only authorise Bill Butler to do what works best for you.

Bill Butler is a financial management service that helps you overcome any challenge to achieve your goals!


Bill Butler is under an ASIC designed transition process for an Australian Credit License (ACL) for Debt Management Services

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Services to help you get Finance Ready

We can’t list everything we do as we are constantly taking on new challenges for clients. But some of the regular services we deliver to help people get Finance Ready are:

Create a cash management plan, inclusive of all creditor payments, bills and other expenses. Manage it for 3-6 months to evidence serving and financial benefit.

Negotiate with your creditors, billers or anyone else to:

  • Stop any collection calls and action;
  • stop any legal action;
  • and temporarily or permanently stop interest on your accounts to give you breathing room.

Negotiate payment arrangements with any party to demonstrate payments (serviceability) at a level that is affordable and demonstrates your ability to meet any lending commitments (servicing).

Negotiate settlements with any applicable party to pay out your unsecured debts for less than what you owe. This can be done using any source of funds, so prior to a refinance or during a refinance.

Manage your financial position in line with your goals.

Performing targeted debt reduction to reduce the debt you don’t want or need while ensuring you maintain your standard of living.

Qualified and focused on getting you finance ready.

Our Financial Managers are qualified up to a Masters level and are focused on getting the outcomes you need. Our mission is to help you overcome the unique challenges you face.

If what you are looking for help with isn’t listed here that’s ok, talk to us to see how we can help you with your goals! We are always up for a new challenge.